Why It all Started

HireOut was born out of the need for fast-growing companies to reach Spanish-speaking markets but without the capital, know-how, or infrastructure to do so. We are a strategic partner for companies looking to translate their content for a Spanish audience, launch new products in Spain or Latin America, or reach and retain their current Spanish-speaking customers. We will manage these processes for you while providing an outsourced solution that grows along with you.


How It all Started


It all started when Skye Sander worked as an international product manager at Graphiq (formerly FindTheBest), a fast-growing research engine expanding its content to reach international audiences. Skye looked for third-party solutions to facilitate this international expansion. Having no luck, he hired, trained and managed his own teams of translators, customer care specialists, and professionals to cover various aspects of the back-office and localization processes. With this initiative, Skye helped Graphiq reach international audiences without needing to hire a team in-house. Throughout this process, Skye realized how he could assist other companies in similar situations smoothly expand to new markets as well.

Skye grew up in Colombia, South America where he learned to read and write in Spanish before learning to do the same in English. His 16 years living there made him more Colombian than American (at least on the inside). Always wanting to find a way to give back to the country that gave him so much, he explored opportunities in international business with an eye on the audiences in Spain and Latin America. Enter HireOut.

HireOut employs teams of translators, customer care specialists and back-office professionals based throughout Colombia and Latin America. Our mission is to grow these developing economies by providing great job opportunities where talent abounds and opportunities do not. We do this while helping our US-based clients expand to new markets.

In his free time, Skye enjoys exploring the world with his wife, Kasey, and french bulldog, Rio.